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2974 Route 22

Patterson, New York 12563

Tel: 845-878-3881

Hours: Monday - Friday10:00 am to 5:00 pm

Saturday 10:00 am to 4:00 pm

Q. Do you accept trade-in's?
A. Yes! We take in trades as long as they meet the following requirements: NO PLAIN FLAPS!!! No Mold or dry leather No rust on metal parts No broken trees No brown dressage saddles All trades must be received prior to the end of your trial period.
Q. How much will I recieve for my trade-in?
A. We evaluate the saddle to determine what we could sell the saddle for retail and then we give you 70% of that number. For Example: If we determine that we can sell your saddle for $1000, then we would give you $700 towards a trade. You DO NOT have to wait for the saddle to sell.
Q. How do you determine the market value of my saddle?
A. Good question. Just like in real estate you can compare what others houses similar to yours have sold for. Saddles are somewhat similar. You can get a good idea of your saddle's value by looking at other websites. For Example: Ebay equine.com tacktrader.com We also know what saddles sell for in our store and compare your saddle to that data. We always come to an agreement before a decision is made. If you are unhappy with our pricing we will send your saddle back and charge your credit card for the cost of shipping.