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2974 Route 22

Patterson, New York 12563

Tel: 845-878-3881

Hours: Monday - Friday10:00 am to 5:00 pm

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Q. What are your shipping Costs?
A. English Saddles $45 for one saddle $55 for two saddles $70 for three saddles $85 for four saddles Alaska - please call for shipping cost. Western Saddles $55.00 for one saddle $80.00 for two saddles We can ship to Canada. The price of the shipment is determined after we bring your saddle order to the post office and ship it. Shipping from the USPS hopefully helps you to save on duty fees, however, if duty is charged it is the customer responsibility to pay it. Saddles to Canada will only be shipped by mail and must only be shipped back by mail. In the case you ship a saddle back by UPS, DHL, or FEDEx your credit card will be charged for the custom fees of the saddle coming back into the US.
Q. Am I responsible for the cost of shipping my saddle back? What kind of cost should I expect?
A. Yes you are reponsible for shipping your saddle back. It is pretty easy though. When finished with your trial period just place the saddle back in the original packaging and go to UPS or US Post Office.