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A website from Saddle Manor

2974 Route 22

Patterson, New York 12563

Tel: 845-878-3881

Hours: Monday - Friday10:00 am to 5:00 pm

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Usedsaddles.com is a subsidiary of Saddle Manor, located in Putnam County New York.

We are known throughout the region for being the experts on saddle fitting. Although we do not do custom saddle fittings, we have mastered the art of fitting both horse and rider.

Our business model is based on educating the customer on the saddle fitting process. We offer a wide selection of saddles at all price ranges, and our goal is to match the customer's budget, riding discipline and level of riding.


The usedsaddles.com concept was created due to the overwhelming demand for used saddles. Saddles, unlike cars, maintain their functional value and are priced at a fraction of the cost of a new saddle. If maintained properly, saddles have an indefinite life.

Our goal at usedsaddles.com® is to become the largest saddle web warehouse in the world. We want to be the website of your choice for all your saddle needs. You will find no other website like it in the world - we deal specifically with saddles. We are considered the Saddle WebWarehouse.

If you are looking for a saddle go to usedsaddles.com. If you need to sell a saddle, go to usedsaddles.com. We are more than a classified listing. Everyone of our saddles has been under a thorough examination. Each saddle listed has four unique photos that help visually describe each saddle. You have the comfort in knowing exactly what you are getting in a saddle. Each saddle has a description and a series of attributes that help you determine whether that particular saddle will fit your needs.

If we do not have a particular saddle you are looking for, just type in usedsaddle.com the following week and there is a good chance we will! Enjoy the site and be patient as we grow. We want to hear from you and please give us your suggestions. Feel free to call us at 845-878-3881 and speak to one of our knowledgeable saddlers!

Thank you very much,